International Guest Lecture House (Heinrich Hertz)

Conference & Seminar Rooms

The Gastdozentenhaus offers an ideal environment for conferences, congresses, workshops or other events. There is an air conditioned conference room (Dürersaal) which hosts up to 30 people. On top there are three smaller conference rooms. Additional equipment, e.g., a projector, a screen, an overhead projector or a flipchart ca be provided.

Seminar room

Approximate size



160 m²

110 people



40 people


60 m²

32 people


14 m²

10 people

*=Currently unavailable

To check whether the rooms are available requested dates, please use our contact form below or call Werner Niese or Lorrin Morton within our opening hours.

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Werner Niese
Guest house and conference rooms

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Lorrin Morton
Guest house and conference rooms

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Jasmin Olschewski
Guest house and conference rooms

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